For Just $18, You Can Buy a 3D-Printed Goose to Lay Golden Eggs

Golden Goose is a new kitchen gadget that can scramble an egg…in its shell. Using the simple concept of centrifugal force, the Golden Goose relies on two handles that, when pulled, ravel and unravel two strings to rapidly spin a central chamber that contains the raw egg. The end product is a (still raw) mixed-yolk egg that you can then incorporate into any egg recipe for a new, unique look and taste.

What’s the Big Deal?

You might be wondering why this matters; well, it doesn’t really. But that’s part of the intrigue. The Golden Goose is currently a Kickstarter campaign with 3,280 backers and over $101,000 pledged of its $34,500 goal. Perhaps people are drawn in by the simplistic device that provides a novel twist (ha) on one of the oldest foods in the book, or perhaps they are reminded of yo-yo’s and similarly designed old-fashioned children’s toys with handles that, when pulled, will flip a button over and over.

spinning toy strings sarah xu some of your business golden goose

A child playing with a Victorian-era spinning toy

Regardless of whether you’re a kitchen enthusiast, a parent looking to entertain your child with a magical toy, or just an otherwise curious person, you can get your hands on a Golden Goose – along with an instruction manual and recipe guide – for under $20. Even better, if the campaign can reach a goal of $180,000 fundraised, all backers will receive a Golden Goose that can scramble 3 quail eggs at a time!

golden goose egg sarah xu some of your business

Deviled Golden Goose eggs

quail egg Golden Goose sarah xu some of your business kickstarter

A quail egg Golden Goose

3D Printing Tie-In

But wait, there’s more: a pledge of $50 or more will give you access to the 3D printer files that would allow you to print your own Golden Goose (Geese)! This option is especially significant in light of the new era of 3D printing, both commercial and industrial, brought on by the expiration of key 3D printing patents in February of this year.

Learn how 3D printing works in this blog post, and read about 10 reasons you should consider 3D printing in this blog post!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign (and get your own Golden Goose) here.


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